Carla Keys, Lead Designer & Owner


Carla Keys is an Event Planner and works as the Visionary with CREATIONS LLC and has been in the event industry for over 15 years. Each event designed by CREATIONS LLC needs to be planned and implemented and that’s where Carla comes in.

Carla makes each event visually stunning while making it function impeccably. Carla has a keen eye for structure. With her experience in costume design and client relations, Carla brings her up beat personality, go getting attitude and customer service skills to CREATIONS LLC. She manages all aspects of operations for CREATIONS LLC including customized site searches.

Carla is imperative in handling the day-to-day operations of the company as well as management of the event day & design of the setup.

How did you start planning? 

I could say my whole life, I have always been surrounded by people that where in the hospitality industry. But for me personally, I started by just making different items for both family and friends to enhance or accent what they already had planned or where going to wear to an event. And from there it just kind of made sense. I gradually began planning events even when I didn’t want to. LOL

How long have you been planning?

I have been planning for over fifteen years.

What is your favorite part of the planning process?

I love understanding what our clients vision is, then the challenge of putting it all together and relaying that vision at their event.

Who do you work best with?

I don’t have a particular group or type of person I work best with. As I have had the opportunity to make the acquaintance of all walks of people. I do however enjoy the client who is open minded and willing to step out on that creative ledge with me and give me that challenge.

What does the ladybug represent?

My ladybug represents my family, and the absolute blessings they have brought to my life. And the fact that every time I would perform an event a ladybug would land on or around me making me smile, reminding me of my many blessings.

What is your favorite part of the wedding day?

Definitely the I Do’s. I love watching Ms. become Mrs. and that smile that the couple share with each other. It’s that look of promise and hope for the future. That is my favorite part!

When do you do your best brainstorming?

I would say those stolen moments when my mind wonders off. Or right before I fall asleep when everything is dark and quiet. I can visualize everything, its crystal clear and I can design in 4D. ☺

What’s your favorite flower?

I love the Lily. The Tiger lily, Starburst, Calla lily any of them.

What’s your favorite color?

Black. I can build anything from it.

What will your client’s experience while working with you?

Someone who truly cares about what’s in their best interest. Teaching them not just etiquette but experience. What it is to work with an experienced professional who loves what they do all while making there event fun and stress less.

When you aren’t planning, how do you spend your time?

LOL cuddled up with my favorite blanket eating a huge bowl of ice cream watching Sci-Fi movies followed up with a cup of hot tea.

 Kathryne Burton, Event Specialist


My name is Kathryne Burton and I have been working for Creations LLC for two years now. I am a junior computer science major at Elizabeth City State University. At ECSU I am the captain of the Allure Dance team and have served as Miss Sophomore 2014-2015 and I am currently serving as Miss Junior 2015-2015. My favorite color is purple.

I like working with Creations LLC mostly because I love to see our clients Joyful expressions when all of our work is done. When our clients work with me they can expect to laugh a lot and for everything they need done to be done correctly and in an exceptional time frame. When I am not trying to ensure clients happiness, I am usually asleep or studying lol. 🙂

Tamia Cromartie, Event Specialist


Hi My name is Tamia and my favorite color is purple. Our Clients can expect to laugh and have a relaxed atmosphere, but at the same time, they can expect professionalism and creativity. I love the work environment, learning new things, and helping to make someone else happy.

I read, study, and relax in my down time. I am excited to learn new things and look forward to mastering another step in my life.



Angel Taylor, Event Specialist


My name is Angel Taylor and my background is in the hospitality industry. Angel loves spending time with her family. They are truly her rock. When she is not with her family she enjoys taking walks to clear my head and regain focus. My favorite color is green. I am not really sure why I just enjoy the emotion it brings. She is also addicted to frappe’s.

Angel is a very hard worker and when she is not working I find her wondering why she is not working. 🙂 Angel has a very gentle spirit and will stay until the job is complete. I recently asked her What can clients expect when working with her and CREATIONS LLC? Her reply was: “Our clients can expect a lot of hard work plenty of smiles and our full attention to there event. We work very closely with our clients, they become like our family.”

Angel, What is the best part of Your job?

Getting to see the wonderful faces of our clients/family when they see there vision come to life! The smiles and those tears of joy make all of the hard work worth it.