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Choose wedding date

Ahhhh! So you are ready to set your wedding date. Well there are a few things you need to consider before you set your heart on a specific date. You have “Wedding Season” and not. The most popular months for weddings are June thru September are prime wedding months so expect a higher rate for your venues as opposed to January, February and March which would be cheaper months or non-peak. When you look at your season and date also take into consideration the flowers that you choose. Flowers also have seasons. There are spring flowers and summer flowers.

You will also have to think about this. Will your flowers be available or is it available year round like the carnation, gerbera daisy and certain lilies. Remember, flowers for your wedding can be a major expense when it comes to your budget. Speak to your florist to find out what options are available to you and what best suits your event budget. The next one that so many of us forget and get caught up in is that magical romantic holiday wedding. Saying I do at the midnight ball drop or the snow gently falling as a backdrop. Beautiful, Romantic and expensive! Remember these can be a lot of fun you can expect to pay double what you would normally pay up to and including for staff to be away from their family on holidays. More importantly, is your guests. While they are crazy about you are, they willing to deal with holiday travel and weather and just the general craziness that comes with the holidays? Can your guests afford the expense of holiday travel?

These are all things you need to consider when planning your wedding date. Talk with beau. See if there are any dates that are significant to the both of you and have a few dates that you both agree on, because next you have to make sure the venue has your date available as well as your officiant. Be open minded and discuss your options. Remember communication is a huge factor in any relationship.


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