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Step 3.Wedding Dress Fittings

The Goal: To maintain your weight and shape from your previous fittings (and avoid having to undergo severe dress alterations).

Slow and Steady

If you want to slim down and stay trim, you have to go about it in a healthy, balanced, gradual and sustainable way, Gannon says. That means no crazy crash diets that severely limit or cut out entire food groups. Even if one of those drastic diets does work at first, it could only cause rapid weight loss that you can’t maintain (in fact, many people gain weight after the initial, rapid drop due to eventual binge eating and the inability to sustain such a severely restricted diet). For a bride-to-be, a fiasco like this could mean thousands of dollars in dress alterations if you lose, or regain, a lot of weight between fittings.

The Whole Picture

So, if you’re really serious about shedding some weight before your date, you should approach it as a more holistic lifestyle change. Don’t panic—it sounds scary and drastic, but it’s really about the combination of many small, subtle changes in order to achieve a larger goal. First, start early—gradual is best. “Focus on balanced meals with lean proteins, healthy fats and quality carbohydrates,” Gannon says. “[Look to]whole foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, chicken, fish, avocados, oatmeal, quinoa and plain, low-fat dairy.”

Five Foods Rule

To help maintain weight between fittings, follow the Rule of Five: Eat a maximum of five different foods at each given meal. This method helps you avoid the troublesome trap of complicating and overcrowding your meals with too many things. You don’t need a salad with dozens of body-friendly toppings—that’s too much clutter, even if all the ingredients are good for you on their own. Chill out and focus on eating a balanced meal or snack with no more than five major ingredients (oil, herbs and spices don’t count).

Two-Minute Test

One great way to curb junk food cravings is the Two-Minute Rule, which is just as simple as it sounds. Want that leftover doughnut from the office party? Wait—set a timer (on your phone, for example) for two minutes. Consider what you’re really craving. Maybe you’d be satisfied with a cup of hot green tea or a few gulps of water. If when the two minutes is up, you still can’t stop thinking about that treat, go ahead and have some.

Thank you to: Maggie Seaver, Amy Gannon, nutritionists, program manager and chief coach of eCoaching and Robyn Youkilis, author of Go With Your Gut

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