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Wedding Season

Alright as you know wedding season is coming quickly and with the very warm winter we had, the first thing on your mind is “I can’t, won’t fit in my dress find a dress in time”. Well as I tell all of my brides No, that negative thinking my dear is not allowed! So I am stepping out of the planner’s box and decided to work on mental health.

Then, I came across this article and decided to share. In the coming weeks you will see a series of articles that will help you get your mind back in focus and ready for your wedding day. For beginners, let’s start with changing the way you think. Stay tuned we have an entire series coming up on eating healthy and so much more.

Remove These Three Ds From Your Vocabulary!

Looking and feeling your best while planning shouldn’t have to involve crash dieting, detoxing and depriving yourself of certain food groups. “Wedding planning is stressful enough already, and you don’t want your eating habits to add to it,” says Amy Gannon, M.Ed., RD, LD, and program manager of eCoaching at the Wellness Institute at Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. “Taking a healthy, balanced approach to eating doesn’t have to mean changing up your diet all at once, because then it’s hard to keep it up. Start slowly and stick to specific goals, like incorporating more whole grains one week and adding in a vegetable to every meal the next.”

Lean protein sources, fruits, whole grains and starchy vegetables are your best bets for feeling satisfied, not to mention keeping your energy up.

Special Thanks to Amy Gannon

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