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How to plan a destination wedding

While the idea for a wedding with all of your family and friends is ideal, it is not necessarily the idea every bride and groom has in mind. Some couples see a foreign location and tongue to share their vows. While whatever you and your spouse choose, choose what works best for you two. More importantly, what will work for your pockets. As I always say you do not want to start your wedding in debt. This can put an unnecessary strain on your brand- new relationship. Here are a few things, to keep in mind when you are looking to plan a destination wedding.

Make sure you find out if passports will be needed for your trip you don’t want to try and scramble at the last minute. You also will want to let any guests that you may have invited.

Expect some stress, not to say there will be tons. Take into consideration any language barriers as well as you are not able to see all the details that you would if it was up the street from you.

If you are planning a destination be prepared for a much smaller wedding than what would be if your wedding was stateside. Know that you may get some disappointing No’s. Don’t take it personally, after all, you are asking your guests to pay for an unexpected trip, time off from work, possible childcare expenses and maybe even new clothes. This may not be in everyone’s budget. Unless you are willing to foot the bill for everyone. 😊

Know that when you are planning a destination wedding you may have more bags than you normally would on a regular trip. You will have the tux and your dress and shoes and possibly your bouquet/boutonniere if you are not getting it on site. You will want to encourage gifts be sent to your home and not to your destination only because you still need to get them back home. You will also accumulate gifts and souvenirs while on your trip.

These are just some of the basic things you need to take into consideration. Also, the big one that many couples forget is that having your wedding away can be just as expensive if not more than it would be to have it at home. As always, you are more than welcome to give us a call for more.


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