How does this proposal planning service work?

When you come see us we will talk about all the questions the person who’s proposing has. We will draw out your love story and things that they may be interested in outside of their relationship, and what makes your relationship so unique. That is number one. Then I will come up with a wonderful detailed idea and it to you.

Do your clients tell their fiancées about you, or do you operate in the shadows?

I leave that totally to my client, but I am usually introduced afterwards.

What do you charge for your services?

We offer two packages. They are our Game Day and Championship Package.

Game Day

For our Game Day package we will come up with a detailed plan for your proposal and then it’s up to you to actually execute it. This is a flat fee service of $500. This will include a presentation, schedules, times and maps of everything.

Championship Package

Then we have our Championship Package. This will include everything that I just described, the initial consultation, coming up with the idea, and then all the planning of it, all of the recruitment of the vendors and putting everything together the day of the scheduled proposal.

Your investment begins at $2,000.00.

We have creativity oozing. Why not use it! We take Your unique proposal and magnify it for your everlasting love story. Our packages have been created and can be customized for all budgets. To make your proposal that will leave a lasting impression.

STEP 1 Initial Consultation
Let’s talk. During a Question & Answer session we’ll discuss your sweetheart, any must-haves for the proposal and discover what makes your love story truly unique.

STEP 2 Game Plan
Approve your custom designed proposal idea. Make tweaks and refine things until it’s perfect. Once locked in, you get a blueprint with all the details.

STEP 3 Vendors & Planning
We handpick a team of vendors to produce your engagement. An exclusive location, professional musicians, flowers, photographer and anything else you desire.

STEP 4 The Big Day
First take a deep breath. Our experienced team is behind the scenes making sure all details are covered. Your only worry “Does this tie match with these pants?”

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